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Conception de machines industrielles en Vendée - EP Inglobe

Special machines

Design and construction of machines

EP INGLOBE, through its experience of industrial mechanization, accompanies you in the realization of your special machine design projects.

We put our know-how and our designers at your disposal thanks to the collaborative design.

Thanks to our 3D tool, you visualize the technical solutions implemented and intervene very early in the design phase of the project.

You can express your ideas and share your experience of the product handled to perfectly adapt the machine to the product and its environment.

EP INGLOBE pays attention to adapting the machine to the customer’s needs in every detail.


Mechanical study

With a history above all oriented “mechanization”, EP INGLOBE offers to support your design projects by providing expertise in mechanical engineering.

Our highly experienced draughtsmen and engineers come to reinforce your teams by their immediately operational skills (remote or on site).


Automation study

EP INGLOBE is also able to offer you its automation programming services during the study and start-up phases of your own equipment.

Our Engineers and Technicians give you the benefit of their multiple experiences on topics as varied as:

  • packaging
  • conditioning
  • transitory
  • numerical control
  • enslavement
  • positioning
  • welding

We guarantee you an expertise on the following products: SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, B & R, OMRON.


Robotic integration

Our company integrates the solutions of different robotics manufacturers to optimize the handling of your processes, such as:

  •  palletization
  •  pick and place
  • plowing
  • gluing
  •  cobotic solutions

          The contribution of a robotic solution of polyarticulated type allows you to gain flexibility of exploitation by its possible reuse on future production units.

Only programming and gripping tools, developed specifically as part of your specifications and product characteristics, change.


We can offer you most leading brands in robotics: FANUC, YASKAWA, KUKA, ABB, ….

Electrical study 

We carry out electrical studies of all our designs as well as those related to your own projects.

Our electrical studies include:

  • electrical diagram
  • complete definition of cabinets
  • definition and optimization of cable types and lengths
  • definition of PL levels (SISTEMA)
  • optimization of installed powers

The studies also consider the operating environment and are therefore adapted to the end use (ATEX, tropicalization, electrical system neutral, etc.).



The cumulative experience of our technicians in very different fields (ceramics, sawmills, furniture, industrial carpentry, metal structure, concrete, food, bulk, aeronautics, building, packaging, etc …) allows us to offer you the retrofit of your existing equipment to improve the basic functions while keeping the equipment in place in your production tool.

As such, we offer a service in several stages :

  • Diagnosis of your installation (mechanical, electrical, automation …)
  • Looking for solutions
  • Consultation and quantification of proposed solutions
  • Intervention schedule (week and WE)
  • Launch
  • Supply, manufacturing
  • Getting started on site

A team of technicians is specially trained to this type of intervention in order to bring you the optimum service.

After Sales Service

As part of our turnkey equipment, we ensure the regular monitoring of their operation by the implementation of various means:

  • Preventives : maintenance contract, maintenance, instructions
  • Fixes: remote access, hotline (phone, screen sharing)

Our technicians are trained in all the equipment installed both in study and on-site installation. They are reachable on mobile and move on France in D + 1.


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