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Welding equipments

Our welding equipments

Submerged arc welding

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Automatic adjustment and tackwelding gantry

  • Core / flange adjustment

Developped in order to register the core and flange mid-plane position, that feature check the position of each flange and adjust the core position automatically.

It can replace completely the operator action with adding subsequently the tack welding operation.


  • Tack welding

That feature can be added to the core/flange adjustment gantry and ensure the tack welding instead of the operator.

On demand : available on independant frame.

Butt welding gantry

The butt welding gantry has been designed to join the flange parts (metal sheet) together and core parts together.

That feature can be provided upstream the clamping machine in order to transfer the welded flanges and/or cores toward the assembly line.

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